Brand new season

It’s very busy down at Frames Academy this week with all our professionals getting ready to for this season.


We are absolutely delighted to have Michael Georgiou back on the tour and on board with us after getting through Q school last week.  So our season continues looking after Kurt Maflin and Michael Georgiou.  Marco Fu continues to work in partnership with us and of course we have Jimmy White here regularly practicing.


This week has seen all those faces putting in long hours upstairs on our STAR tables while they get ready for Preston at the end of the week.


Here they will play 3 qualifiers INDIAN OPEN, WORLD OPEN & RIGA MASTERS.   It’s just one match for each playing best of 7 except the world which is best of 9.

So they will go up this Friday and not return for a week playing their 3 matches at the Preston Guildhall.


We wish them all the very best of luck and will update you with their progress.

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